Famous historical warriors names from movie

Apr 20, 2010  In this list we see a combination of two of my favorite things ancient (well mostly) history and warriors. While most of these warrior groups come from ancient history one or two come close to modern history. Some of the most famous people in history are those who are considered great warriors, often (but not always) known for a particular battle. Here are ten of the greatest and most famous warriors in chronological order.

1. Leonidas I of Sparta (c BC, reign BC) A heroking of Sparta Top 10 Toughest Ancient Warriors Through History 18. By Karl had killed his father and stuffed his skin full of hay, Dulla swore revenge.

Basically, his life was an Rrated Disney movie. From the moment he heard of his fathers fate, Dulla embarked on a lifelong quest to undermine the Emperor. thats probably because that textbook May 27, 2015  Lu Bu was the invincible warrior from the Three Kingdoms period of Ancient China, and one of the most feared and powerful warriors in the history of the world. Renowned and infamous throughout all of China, the mere mention of his name was enough to send chills down the spine of even the most veteran warriors.

Sounds like a movie but real life man seen it on the history channel! Reply. hornet on only one man is too much great, bravery& no words for him who is change the every mens thoughts& minds who is world famous his only name is swami viveka nand. Reply. cary g on August 27 Heres my list of the best warriors in history that i know of.

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