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The secret ending added to Kingdom Hearts Re: coded has finally been uploaded! Thanks to 2nd, you can view the almost 2 minute long secret ending. Kingdom Hearts HD 2. 5 ReMIX Secret Ending ENGLISH posted in Kingdom Hearts General& Past Titles: The secret ending with Young Xehanort talking to Braig from the Re: Coded movie, Ill try to put up the other secret ending with the " Destiny" is an additional secret ending in the Kingdom Hearts HD 2.

5 ReMIX version of Kingdom Hearts Re: coded. It uses enginestyle graphics and voice acting, ending with the phrase Reconnect. Kingdom Hearts. The Gathering is the secret ending of Kingdom Hearts II; the same scene is known as simply" Gathering" in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. Sunset Horizons is the piece of backing soundtrack used during the video.

The term" The Gathering" first appeared in the Deep Dive video. All Kingdom Hearts 3 and Kingdom Hearts Union JP content must be marked as a spoiler. Spoilers cannot be included in submission titles. Certain kinds of submissions will automatically be removed; see this page for a full breakdown. Another side, Another story is the secret ending of Kingdom Hearts, and the first one of the series.

It was later expanded in Kingdom Hearts Final Mix's secret ending, Another Side, Another Story [deep dive. Dengeki Online have already reviewed the Japanese version of Kingdom Hearts HD 2. 5 ReMIXand in it, it turns out that among the Kingdom Hearts Re: coded HD Cinematics lies a hidden, new secret ending unrelated to the original one on the DS version. Secret ending posted in Kingdom Hearts General& Past Titles: I know, that for the secret ending I have to win the game in proud mode or normal 100 jimmys journal.

Does that mean i have to also get the ultima weapon? And do the gummyship mission? Do I also have to make all itmes at the mogry? Thanks Dec 17, 2013 The Ending of Kingdom Hearts 1, only this time instead of Simple and Clean, my own music for an ending song as practice for some university work.

Disclaimer: Feb 28, 2009 Kingdom Hearts 1: You need to complete the game with all keyholes, 99 Dalmatians, and the Hades Cup to receive a secret ending. Kingdom Hearts 2: Dec 10, 2011 Best Answer: Kingdom hearts secret ending: normal mode: complete all the worlds (including 100 acre wood), all the trinities, all the puppies, and complete Hades Cup. hard mode: complete the game. Dec 10, 2014  After the events of Kingdom Hearts 2, The King, Donald, Goofy, as well as data versions of Sora and Riku go on a new quest to find the secrets behind a mysterious Nov 17, 2014 In KH2FM you can get the original secret ending by just completing all story missions (including the 100 Acre Wood and Atlantica), at any difficulty.

The listed requirements are for the new secret ending. Music Sports Gaming Movies TV Shows News Kingdom Hearts Movies! ATRILEY; 15 videos; 151, 566 views; Last updated on Feb 4, 2017; Current Movies: Kingodm Hearts: Birth by Sleep Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded" The Movie" Secret Ending by ATRILEY. 2: 57: 46. Play next; This category is for unlockable ending videos in various games in the Kingdom Hearts series.

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